Chronic Pain Patients face many challenges in accessing relief.  Here at Chronic LLC, we recognize that chronic pain can be a debilitating condition, and we believe that accessing pain management should not be as big of a challenge as it sometimes is for patients.  


Time and time again we have heard of patients being excused from the practices where they are being treated for pain simply because they also choose to use medical marijuana to manage their pain.  Other times, we hear from patients that their doctor had asked them to choose between pain medications and using medical marijuana.  


At Chronic LLC, we believe that no patient should ever have to make this choice.


This is why we also provide a wide range of pain management options for our patients in a holistic paradigm along side providing access to medical marijuana certifications.  


If you have been told by your doctor to choose between medical marijuana and access to your pain medications, then you should call us and schedule an appointment to meet with our pain management specialists for an assessment.   


Contact us for more information on our compassionate services.